Democracy in Lithuania. Lithuanian bureaucrats defy democratic values of the European Union!

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As it is known the great fighters for democracy conducted a search at 9 people’s homes. We know the names of some of them; we don’t know the names of the others. This in itself seems strange – why the names of some people are announced and the names of others are not. I know two or three of those announced names and I know some people quite well. One is Milda Bartashiunaite (I send my hello to her and my wish to her to keep self-possession), and here is what Milda laid out on her page in Facebook – that is what those who came to her at 6 in the morning to do a search gave her as their motivation. I will read only a couple of sentences they wrote there. (Quote):“There was disclosed a network of people in Lithuania who indirectly organized and agitated the youth to support the pro-Russian parties and movements”. (Unquote).

Once again, listen attentively to what she writes: ‘indirectly agitate’. How should we understand it? What does it mean: “indirectly agitate”? Well, according to this, it will be possible to accuse anyone of anything. You see, you may not even know that you are agitating somebody indirectly!


Next. “To support the pro-Russian parties and movements”. Where? The locations are not specified. If these are foreign countries, then tell me please what these countries are. If it takes place in Lithuania, then…How can you understand the author’s words: “to support pro-Russian parties”? If it happens in Lithuania, then the parties must have been registered in Lithuania, in the Ministry of Justice, and are legal. It is some nonsense after all! I hardly believe that it can be written so. However, Milda assures us it is.
Let’s go further. (Quote): “There was disclosed a network of persons who agitate youth to organize pickets against the duly elected power of the Republic of Lithuania, against the membership of Lithuania in the NATO, in the European Union and against the introduction of the Euro [juereu]” (Unquote).

There are many other strange sentences, but I’ll stop at this one. Listen to what is written there: “A picket against the Lithuanian power”. It appears not to be possible to organize a picket anymore.
It means that the democratic electoral system assumes you agitate people to overthrow the duly elected power. Thus the mere essence of the democratic elections is denied. How can you fight in the political struggle if you have no right to agitate against?

Is there any sense of speaking further? If you are forbidden to say anything against Lithuanian’s membership in the European Union – well, there was a referendum relative to entering the European Union, and they registered on TV those who were for it and those who were against it. Me, for example. I was against Lithuania entering the European Union, and I got registered on the Lithuanian TV while the debate was on.

Listen! As to the introduction of Euro. Agitation against the introduction of Euro – it turned out to be prohibited. I simply have no words; I cannot even believe that a state official could write this. If at all there should be conducted a search at someone’s, then it must be at these officials’ – not at their homes but in their heads. This is one thing. The other thing is the way they formulated the reason for search; if searches may be done by such kind of reason, then it should be qualified as a crime in public office which was done by those who composed that text. The superiors to these officials must be responsible for it. If this is a norm in Lithuania now, then I have no words, I do not know what to say. Then another thought occurs to my head – sane people will certainly understand it, but nothing could help the ‘alternatively gifted’. As they think it is a good reason for conducting a search.

I will read to you once again.
“There was disclosed a network of people in Lithuania who organize and agitate the youth to support indirectly the pro-Russian parties”. It is not stated where, when, which parties. Then: “Agitate and organize pickets against the duly elected power in Lithuania, against the membership of Lithuania in the NATO, in the European Union and against the introduction of Euro”. Essentially, any political power is denied here, without saying a word about freedom of speech. A whole lot of various provisions of the Constitution are abused here! The provisions of the Constitution to which I was one of the originators. So, what do we come to after 25 years? This is on one side. On the other side, there are people in Lithuania now, whose homes should be searched, who kindle hatred among people, who instigate to a war, who work for the foreign states’ pay, who violate the Constitution. There are such people, no doubt. But not in the places where the searches were conducted.

In case you do not know where to conduct search I can suggest an idea who is a real war-monger, who works for a foreign state’s pay and who causes (and has already caused) wrong to the independence of Lithuania. You may consult us if you happen not to know who these people are.
Now, look. I think, it’s proper to speak about some other things as well.
First, if such events take place, it only proves that the position of those who arrange such searches, who are responsible for all sorts of bans on TV, etc., who pour floods of dirty propaganda via their mass media, who draw water only on their own mill being afraid to let the dissidents in – this all proves that their position is extremely weak. No intellectual potency, no adequate reasoning in speech. The only thing they have left is to do the frightening, searching, banning. What will be your further inventions?

Why not go out to struggle in intellect? What are you afraid of if you feel you are right? But you only expose your weakness and complete confusion.
Second. As far as in the times of the Supreme Soviet I derived the formula which says: “Guard the one standing by your side.” Everybody in our society (and not only in our) usually thinks: “Well, it’s not my business. They have conducted a search at this man’s flat, not mine, not yet, I’ll possibly manage to escape it somehow”. And I always said: “Guard the one standing by your side”. If you do not manage to protect and save him, your turn will be the next. The logic here is simple.

I realize that our people are sunk in the mire of indifference. At that, the propaganda is gushing so abundantly that it is difficult for a person to sort out who is right and who is wrong. I have already mentioned that there is no serious debate on TV as well as in other mass media; the participants gathered at them play the same hand, no one listens to the alternative opinion and is sure that only his supporters are right – I come across it every day. A man is at a loss. People are at a loss. They have no time, they often have no chance and some have not enough ability to follow all these twists and turns; one needs to have much knowledge and observation of what is going on here in Lithuania and in the world. This is only natural.

We know a psychological law proclaiming that 80 % of people always think in accordance with the views they get from the mass media, especially from those which belong to the state. Such are people. That’s why the motto “Guard the one standing by your side” is important. I would like you to stick to it. But seeing the reaction of the journalists… I cannot name them journalists… Where are the guardians, where are they? Read this written motivation. Turn to the people who wrote all this. Is it already prohibited to speak against Euro? Against the European Union? Why not conduct a search at the Prime Minister Cameron’s residence? He not only agitates against the European Union, he is also prepared to organize a referendum relative to the withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union! The whole of the European Union discuss it! And the discussions concern much more provocative questions!

You see, a thought comes to me: suppose, I want to be a loyal, righteous man, I do not want to violate legal norms – all in all, I want to be a right Lithuanian man in your notion; well, it is not easy for me to understand what is allowed and what is prohibited. Write for me what states are good and what are bad. For it is difficult to get the right idea. Formerly we knew what a bad state meant. But now new states have appeared in Europe, and a person might not understand whether they are good or bad. Make a list of bad states. In the long run, is it allowed to cite this same Cameron? We do not know if England is a right state or not, considering that its prime minister agitates against the European Union/ May I give the quotation from him or have I already broken the norm? Specify whom we may quote. Tell us whose words we may rely on in Lithuania being sure they belong to the right persons.

Since it is not easy to guess what will please you today so that you will not come to me tomorrow. I would very much like to be a decent citizen! But I can hardly believe my eyes when I see the rate of change of your logic. Nevertheless, Milda assured me that she had been quite precise when making a handwritten copy.

I say once again: write everything you can, appeal to the Seym, bring about some changes into the Constitution and write everything there, everything – what states are bad, who can or cannot be cited. Then at least we will know and stay quiet.

Speaking seriously, being one of the originators of this state, I would like to get the answer from the Public Prosecutor’s Office if the people who write such kind of motivations for search conduction may work as state executives.

Brussels, hear!
Lithuanian bureaucrats defy democratic values of the European Union!

Rolandas Paulauskas
Lietuvos Nepriklausomybės Akto signataras

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